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We’re different because we offer a true partnership to our customers. By customizing the program and inventory to meet your needs, we can provide a product mix that’s truly unique to our industry. Whether your needs are fleet, MRO, safety or OEM in nature, we’ve got you covered.

And best of all, we believe in and promote the American Dream. We do this by supporting our troops and veterans, and by helping our customers succeed in their business and careers — the ultimate American Dream!

Sourcing & Customs

We utilize thousands of global suppliers and manufacturers to have access to millions of different "C" class commodities and fasteners – both domestic and import, standard and custom. For the highest quality and the best pricing, and whether you’re looking to consolidate vendors or let us provide expertise in a specific category, we’ve got options.

Secondary Processes

We partner with a group of preferred secondary processors throughout Wisconsin and the U.S. Electro-platings, dip spin and mechanical coatings include variations of black oxide, zinc, manganese, magni and more. Waxing can help installation and removal of fasteners. We can paint fasteners to match the color of your product, machine down fastener dimensions or machine completely custom parts. Locking devices can be applied including patches, pellets and epoxy. Seals can be applied under the fastener head or on the threads. We also offer custom bagging and kitting. This is just a sampling of what we offer to help create the perfect fastener.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Wisconsin Fastener Supply offers VMI service that has been trusted by companies like yours for over 30 years. Reduce cost, procurement time, inventory and hassle. We make sure fasteners, supplies and class c components are a category you’re proud of, not one that’s frustrating. We allow you to spend time manufacturing and assembling parts, not retrieving them. We proactively manage a large supplier base for you and turn it into point-of-use replenishment. Our bin stocking is done by experienced professionals who help analyze inventory trends and recommend improvements. Take advantage of our supply chain expertise so you don’t have to focus on nickel and dime parts, let us work for you.

Advanced Coatings

Our leading industrial paint lines, which include everything from direct-to-metal to factory-mixed custom color, offer automotive quality at competitive industrial price levels. Our superior coatings, which also include primers, sealers, surfacers, basecoats and clear coats, for fleet, OEM, auto and industrial come backed with knowledgeable sales staff and technical field staff support. You won’t find our combination of offerings and service level anywhere else.

Expert Staff

Our support doesn’t just start and end with your account manager. Our team of experts inside and out will help you every step of the way from identifying a need to product application to managing payments. Technical expertise is just the beginning, we’re your partner every step of the way.


Most product is delivered by our company fleet. Our trained delivery drivers will put your product away for you and field any questions you have. Don’t worry, we’ll get you the right parts at the right time, this is service you can trust.

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